I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to seeing these two people. If you’re a wedding professional in Seattle, you definitely know who they are, and they need absolutely no introduction. If you aren’t, well, keep reading. You should know them.

Laura & Chris Randall of Edit 1 Media pose for a new business portrait

Laura and Chris Randall are two of the nation’s top cinematographers. They spend their time between Seattle and Hawaii shooting elegant weddings, over the top galas, corporate & commercial projects, and testing for Adobe with their company and crew at Edit 1 Media. I’ve been lucky enough to work with these two a few times over the years, and their talent, professionalism, and passion for what they do never ceases to amaze me. In fact, Laura, Chris, and I have been planning and scheming for MY business promo video for months now!!!

headshot of chris randall from edit 1 media

It was high time they got new head shots, so out to Tacoma we went. We had so much fun running amok, parallel parking (yes! I said parallel parking!), and just trying to get a straight face on these two!

a silly and fun business portrait for cinematographers edit 1 media

Laura is the sassiest. MAN you guys should see the outtakes, they’re HILARIOUS. She’s like a walking real-life cartoon, this one.

headshot of Laura Randall from edit 1 media

And Chris? Although he’s quite the silent type, just wait until he chooses to speak, because whatever comes out is in serious danger of massive hilarity. He’s quite the rebel without a cause, eh?

Thanks, you two, for asking me to photograph you. I’m truly honored, and completely entertained :).