Aiden is a spitting image of his dad and mom. With golden hair and the cutest dimples, this ones gonna be a charmer!

I was elated to hear that Megan and Ian were expecting- I absolutely love photographing my wedding clients as their lives change. I first met these two Ballardians a couple of years ago through Michelle Engvall, their fantastic wedding planner. I photographed their Seattle engagement session around our neighborhood (Ballard), then made it back again for their beautiful beachside wedding at Golden Gardens.

photograph of a new baby in a Seattle' couple

They still have their first two “children” (er… dogs! who put up with us quite well as we photographed around their cute craftsman bungalow in Seattle. Strike that. Poor jealous older brother Zeke. He gently nabbed Aiden’s gorgeous handmade hat and ran down the narrow stairs and out the door into the backyard, all for a little more attention. He’s not used to sharing the spotlight!!!

He’s so expressive! I just wanna scoop him up and smother him with smooches.

a family of three playing with the newborn

Aiden’s beautiful nursery. I love Megan’s style.modern-baby-room-decor

Here’s that blue hat that Zeke ran off with. Luckily, it survived, because it’s just tooooo cute on this little bear.Sweet baby with big blue eyes and blue bear hat with ears

The best part about this image? The sock lines on his chubby little legs!!happy baby and new mother in black & white

Plastic. It’s so delicious.photograph of seattle baby with colorful toys
Congrats on your first babe! Here’s to your beautiful, beautiful family!!! *clink clink*