vintage wedding photography in a great gatsby style

When I first met Jen and Chris, I knew we were going to have a good time together. They had elements of their wedding envisioned, and together we realized what it was going to be: a garden party, Great Gatsby era, set in the forest. He’s a photographer (a Nikon guy, nonetheless!) and she used to DJ at a punk rock station back in college. On any regular day, however, they are Software Developers. On a sunny July day, Eliza and I set across Puget Sound on a ferry to go shoot us a weddin’ at the lovely and quaint Doe Bay at Orcas Island, where bathing suits were optional. We kept ours on. (Sidenote: You may remember seeing a Facebook or Twitter post that weekend, where Eliza was on hand as my Spida Killa in case the need arose in our cabin! I know, it’s totally irrelevant, but I just HAD to link to that, it was too cute).

Beautiful letterpress invitations with inks in taupe and pressed tree trunks made me go oooooooh.rustic letterpress wedding invitation with tree bark wooddetail shots of Doe Bay, Orcas IslandDoe Bay, Orcas Island

Luly Yang wedding gown trunk sale

Chris was stoked about his distressed linen suit. Can you see why? It’s so modern with a vintage turn to it, not to mention his awesome pocket square! He was stoked about that most of all, I think!

This is Jen’s fern engagement ring. Probably one of the most unique engagement rings I’ve ever seen, and I love it!!getting ready pictures seattle photographerWe often encourage our clients to have a “first look” before the guests arrive where they can check each other out and enjoy a few quiet moments together. It makes for ADORABLE pictures, and a great memory is captured, no?? Check out his emotional reaction, I adore how he adores photography on orcas islandWoodpecker and squirrel? So photography at doe baywedding shoes for bride and groom at a garden wedding in SeattleI pinky swear.vintage inspired orcas island wedding at doe bay in front of a boat houseMy take on the American Gothic of wedding photography. Who doesn’t love a good fishy squishy? Why not. It’s your wedding day. Have some fun. Thanks Jen & Chris for obliging in my ridiculous ideas. I love this.american gothic wedding photography, fish lips styleAll of the food eaten at the Doe Bay Cafe and at events held there is farmed locally on the island by small farmers. Check out this note from the farmer who delivered the produce for the wedding: “These potatoes were dug less than a mile from Doe Bay on July 13 and their skins aren’t set as they are brand new babies and still want to be naked.” Such a cute and personal touch, I’m sure no other bride and groom in history have received such a farmer’s note about naked wedding potatoes.doe bay wedding photographerNOT faking! It was real! The officiant dropped the ring!orcas island wedding photographyWhy yes, those ARE upside down black diamonds in her wedding ring!

The decor was simple. Each table had a bit of the forest on it with the twigs, pebbles, and moss sprinkled about.moss and twig wedding decor for orcas island wedding photography3 words: Watermelon gazpacho shooters. Oh wait, I forgot one… PERFECTION. Yep, I pretty much had these shooters for dinner, they were THAT good. Let’s talk here for a second about the food. Doe Bay is known for it’s delicious, fresh, local food. And yep, it was delicious, fresh, and local (remember, naked baby potatoes?).delicious food at doe bay wedding venueI can only imagine that this mama didn’t want to let her baby go. The mother-son dance was one of the sweetest I’ve ever witnessed. She was so happy for him, she just kept wrapping his chest around her face as she wept little tears of happiness!emotional mother and groom danceCongrats, Jen and Chris. I’m so excited and honored that you had me photograph your wedding. It was truly a beautiful occasion!!

Some of the lovely details about their wedding:

Venue & catering: Doe Bay

Dress: Seattle’s very own Luly Yang with shoes from Seychelles

Suit: Mario’s in Seattle. His shoes were John Varvatos.

Rings: Fern engagement ring from Blue Bottle in Capitol Hill. Her wedding ring was from Faceres. His was from Fancy.

Hair: Joshua Reedy from the San Juan Islands.

Officiant: Brian. He’s a friend from college.

Cake: Felicitations in the San Juans.

Bouquets and bouts: Nest

Invites: Letterpress by Bella Figura

Music: a live band, Gadjo Gypsies. They played 30’s and 40’s style music with a Parisian twist, and MAN was it awesome. Like AWESOME. I don’t think I’ve ever heard something so swingin’ and mood-setting at a wedding!!!!