The night was perfect. It was a crisp autumn evening, not a cloud in the sky. You could feel the excitement humming in the air.  Designers from all over came together to present an elegant affair. Vendors exhibited their services and donated fabulous wedding items for the silent and live auction. Brides got tremendous deals.  Can you believe there were over 20,000 jellybeans in the guess jar??

The events on stage stole the show. Luck was on our side when we became friends with Brooke and Monti of Movin 92.5fm; they were a perfect fit as our emcees. Speakers poured their hearts out to a sympathetic audience about how breast cancer has unfairly invaded their lives; there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. And finally, our auctioneers brought the event home with a goosebump-inducing, excitement-building, final act of unselfish giving during the live auction, fund-a-need, and martini bid, where no bid was too high for a tray of drinks for your friends in the crowd.

The memories will last forever. Thanks to Kate McElwee’s photobooth, event photography by Jeff La Plante, and video footage from Edit 1 Media, we will have lots of great memories to look back on.

Your generosity was off the hook. You gave $30,000. The Making Memories Foundation states that the average wish of a terminally ill cancer patient is $4,000, so you’ve all just granted so many wishes to so many deserving families.

Check out our website for the full recap, link to photobooth images, see all of the fantastic vendors and businesses who sponsored, and get info on sponsoring for next year!

We applaud you, guests, sponsors, volunteers, and vendors. Well done.

Let’s do it again next year, shall we?