She’s beautiful. She’s creative. And she’s probably one of the top 5 smartest people I know.  She’s Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros and she’s oh-so-hot right now.
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I first met Michelle years ago at Tuesday Toasts when she was working her invitation, our local Seattle wedding industry networking happy hour. She was a business savvy invitation designer focusing on beautiful papers with her company mmm…paper. We struck up a friendship, co-founded a little ol’ non-profit organization together with more Tuesday Toasters (called Get Hitched Give Hope), so it was no wonder this lovely lady kept on goin’ and founded Sage Wedding Pros, tweeting up a storm at @sageweddingpros.
headshot seattle michelle loretta
Sage is an industry-leading business strategy blog designed specifically for wedding professionals of all types, from the startup planner to the seasoned photographer. There’s something in there for everyone, from business plan advice to marketing to expanding. Speaking of business plans, I was invited to join Michelle and co-founder Kelly at their recent workshop in Seattle, The Simple Plan. It’s an easy-peasy, no fuss approach to writing your business plan. And boy did I ever. We walked away with a HUGE book FULL of numbers, plans, and goals.  We each also walked away with an epiphany or two.

Her blog is a must-read, and if The Simple Plan comes to a state near you, it’s WELL worth the trip and the moola to take a couple of days and focus on your business’s big portrait photograph sage wedding pros