(Note, this was the post that was previously marked SuperSecret that needed a password. Now that the cat is outta the bag, here it is for your viewing pleasure!)

A few weeks ago, the lovely Kristen Kalp, a.k.a. Minister of Muggle Relations, from Totally Rad Actions contacted me with an oh-so-awesome idea she wanted us to guinea pig for them.

A Totally Rad House Party.

That’s right.


Pretty much here’s how it goes: Cool Photographers + Totally Rad Actions used in their workflow = Fun House Party Get Together For Meeting New Friends and Learning New Things. I invited some known TRA users from anywhere from Tacoma to Bellingham to come on over to our Seattle live-work townhouse loft for the launch of what will no doubt be soon known as the “TRA House Party” phenomenon.

Our theme: The Orange Bow-Tie Party.

We shared recipes and images for how we use TRA’s in the workflow for our wedding, portrait, and art images through a tv slideshow. Barbie & I formulated our VERY OWN photography version of Taboo, and it was a hit as the Monsters battled the Zombies. We ate some orange-lookin food, and had some ridiculously fun times in our RAD Booth. And of course, we wore silly paper bow ties my production assistant Lily and I made.

Yesterday morning TRA made their big announcement on how you can take part in their worldwide House Party on June 30th by hosting your very own- check out the details here!

Thanks to everyone who came over for a little nerdy fun:

Barbie Hull, Eliza Truitt, Michele Waite, Kip Beelman, Jenny Jimenez, Erwin Wijanto, Michelle Moore, Jennifer MacNiven, Julie Harmsen, Angie & Ashley from One Thousand Words, Yuriy Manchik, Dre from Lifebox Studio, Della Chen, and Aly from La Luz Photography.

p.s. Zombies rule and Monsters drool.

p.p.s. In case you’re curious what recipe we used-

Grandma’s Tap Shoes:
Toning 29%
Desat 39%
Mid 79%

Luxe Soft