I sure do. Especially after using a (very wonderful in it’s own right!) template website that was over 2 years old. The internet has come a long way in those last two years, not to mention that I’ve honed by eye and style quite a bit, and I felt like it was time for a change.

So here it is. A lil’ screenshot for your viewing pleasure. Check it out at www.mcconnellphoto.com in real life. I hope you like it, find it functional and informative, and mostly, that you like my pretty pictures (hyuck, hyuck!). If you’re a client, you just might see yourself somewhere in there 😉 I love to include a little bit of everybody if I can!


Now, a little note specifically for the photographers: I did a whole lotta research, comparing different popular photography website companies, and none seemed to offer EXACTLY what I wanted. And in this business, the name of the game is INDIVIDUALITY AND CREATIVITY, yet I couldn’t afford the 7 g’s for a really swanky site.

So I made my own. That’s right boys and girls. With the tools that Showit offers, I was able to build an uber custom website that had every feature I wanted, including some great SEO techniques all within an interface that makes it  easy to update. Now I have no more excuses to not keep this site current and up to date! (ruh roh, Shaggy!). Only catch was that it DID take me 4 months to write the copy, choose the images, design the look & feel, create the graphics, and really test it out to make sure it speaks to they types of clients I love to work with. I totally get why the great designers have set their creative fees like they do! 4 months, and I didn’t even write the code! Good grief.

Check Showit out and give them a whirl if you’re in the mood to work on your own site. True, I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be, so yours probably won’t take 4 months to design and fill, but the possibilities are endless!

Now, a little note specifically to my “Subscription Blog Readers:” if you get these articles delivered in your RSS feed reader or in your email inbox, stay tuned. I’ll be moving this blog back to my main website URL, and will post one final notice so you’ll know to click through and re-add mcconnellphoto.com/blog to your RSS feed or re-subscribe in the box at the top right. I’m so sorry to be such a bother…. but it’s all part of my grand plan to clean up my website presence and make it all easy to find!!