If you know me personally, you know I have A LOT of favorite things. It really doesn’t take much to make THIS girl happy (Can you see me pointing to myself with my thumbs? Yep, I am!)

But I just have to share something a little sappy and personal- when I receive an email or text from one of my wedding clients (or THEIR parents!), announcing their newborn babe, sharing the first few precious images of their little miracle’s life…. it just makes me squeeze out a coupla tears of joy. I am so happy for all these new mamas and papas this year, and absolutely cherish the idea that they include me in their new found joy.

Cheers to Rebecca & Glenn, Bre & Jesse, Megan & Ian, who have each welcomed a baby boy into their lives within the last couple of months (and hours!!!!). And to all of the soon-to-be’s and parents of toddlers! Just way too many to list, but you guys know who you are. Congratulations, and THANK YOU for making me feel special, by including me in your inner circle when you have exciting, life changing news to share.

These are a couple of sweet frames from Bre & Jesse’s session just the other day. It was so great to meet wonderful little JJ!!

A sweet moment between mama and babe.

Even with baby JJ pelting it out at the top of his lungs, Jesse couldn’t be happier in this moment. Maybe he’s hard of hearing in his left hear and it was only me and their pup that heard the blood curtling screams. I think it was feeding time (yet again. as if feeding time 5 minutes prior wasn’t good enough. Babies. Can’t live with em, can’t live without em!). Congrats you guys!