“Sharlane is a mother, a photographer, and our friend.  This year began like a fairy tale, complete with a magical proposal from the man she loves.  Like so many fairy tales, this one turned dark as Sharlane was diagnosed with cancer even before the wedding planning could begin.  The diagnosis itself is scary enough, but so are the crushing costs associated.  This is our attempt to help our friend, who has helped so many herself.”

Shar is one of our own. Not only is she a celebrated artist and a beloved photographer in many social circles across at LEAST two countries, but she has brought together some of the industry’s top vendors for groundbreaking wedding planning sites and exquisite wedding planning events. We just can’t help but to be drawn in by her compassion, generosity, spirit, humor, and endless wit. Cancer has reared it’s ugly head, but there’s hope. Unfortunately in the US hope costs A LOT of money.


If you’re in the wedding industry here in Seattle, you’ve brushed elbows with this phenomenal woman. Even if you don’t know her but are planning your wedding, you HAVE crossed her path even if you didn’t know it.

Here are the details:

  • WHAT: fundraising event for Sharlane
  • WHERE: Herban Feast at Sodo Park (thanks SoDo for your generosity and support!!!)
  • WHEN: Feb 4th at 7pm
  • HOW: a silent auction of arts and services, along with an ongoing donation collection
  • WHY: because cancer sucks and we heart Sharlane.

This is me, pleading you because this time it’s personal, as Shar is a close friend and business partner of sorts. Donate a couple of bucks via the Paypal link on the website below, or better yet, come to the fundraiser. I’d really, truly, love to see you there.

More info: http://weheartsharlane.showitsite.com

Thank you, Me Ra Koh, for such a gorgeous image of Shar and her Bean 🙂