Pinch me. I can’t believe this is happening.

Four years ago, we dreamed big. What we never really grasped was the extent to which our families, clients, and businesses across the country would come together, so excited to participate and raise so much for those who don’t have enough time left on this Earth.

Join us in our happy cyber celebration! We’re screaming it from the rooftops: we’ve come together to raise $84,700 AND COUNTING for those whom the cure can’t come soon enough; granting final wishes and providing support through Dream Foundation and the Young Survivors Coalition. We couldn’t have done it without YOUR support and attendance, so THANK YOU!!

Check out all of the awesome sponsors and amazing images  from this October’s bridal auction event at Four Seasons Seattle (images by La Vie Photography)! If you didn’t come, boy did you miss out. The speakers. The music. The food. The models. The auction items. Oh, and the spontaneous dance party after the final amount was announced!!!

It was the BEST Get Hitched Give Hope yet, and we’re not even done yet. Stay tuned for another big announcement Thursday!

Amazing images by my super AWESOME pals Kim and Adam at La Vie Photography. Thank you both for putting such a glamorous face to our event-baby!!!!