If you’re a photographer, and you love to learn, network, shoot, and pretty much have a great time, then join me at OSP West on April 17th-19th.  Folks have voted, and Seattle has won as the location for this year’s conference!


With sponsors like Pixel 2 Canvas , Microsoft Icons of Imaging, Canon Explorers of Light, Bay Photo Lab, KISS Wedding Books, and Showit and with celebrated speakers like Mike Larson, MeRah Koh and Brian Townsend, Kevin Swan, Ken Sklute, Gene Higa, and Jim Garner, it’s bound to be a good time.

But wait, there’s more.

Giveaways, shoots, speakers, dinners, good times, and good memories.  If we’ve met, you KNOW how much fun the rest of us have at these things.  And if you and I have talked about it, I’ve heard you say every time how much you regret not going or how sad you are you missed it, and “you’ll catch the next one.” (yes, you know who you are, and I’m directly talking to YOU Barbie H. and Jen M.  But I don’t want to name names and embarrass you though, then you definitely won’t come.)  If you’re local, and you have things going on that weekend, it’s still more than worth it to register and play for part of the weekend.

And it’s only $75.  WHAT?!  That’s right.  WPPI was hundreds.  DWF is right up there, too.  Quick, dirty, and cheap, that’s the way we like em! (get outta there! I’m talking about our weekend conferences!)

For more info and to register, visit the OSP West Wiki. There’s only a few spots left, so do it. NOW.  And leave me a comment here on the blog to let me know if you’ll be there!!