This is the end of my trip down to CA for my gramma’s funeral.  It was nice to come home and see this little gal, even though she’s technically not mine. She belongs to my little sis, Hillary.


Unless she does something good and cute, then she’s mine. But when she does something bad, like when she was so excited to see us she bit my finger causing a large amount of blood to flow from my cuticle, she’s DEFINITELY not mine.

When she does something REALLY bad like pees on the carpet or EATS the carpet, she’s not EITHER of ours, she’s Sean’s ;). That’s Hill’s husband.

Meet Tessie. Yep, that’s right. From that Dropkick Murphys song. She’s an American Bulldog/English Mastiff and doubled in size in just a couple of weeks.

Her ears usually flop around, but if you catch her just right, one will pop up at random. It’s quite cute, really.