It’s been months in the making, and only Kevin and I knew. He was to ask Shirley to be his forever, all under the guise of a surprise birthday party. Friends flew in from all over the West Coast to celebrate Shirley turning the big TWO-FIVE. Little did they know there was another surprise in store from her sneaky beau!

Shirley enters the room, and sees all of these friendly faces. She is so taken aback by her surprise party… but wait. There’s more. A sweet set of balloons and a custom made Happy Birthday chalkboard sign overlooking the beautiful Puget Sound…Then it’s time for a little private conversation between Kevin and Shirley. He walks her out to the patio, where he tosses the Happy Birthday sign aside with so much excitement, and it reveals the REAL sign.

“Will You Marry Me????”Pretty sure that’s a yes, Kevin! And wowzas, look at this beautifully designed ring he made just for her, using his mom’s heirloom diamond as the center! Good job, friend!After a little confusion and a whole lot of laughter about which hand the ring goes on, we were off for a mini portrait session along West Seattle’s picturesque waterfront.Just look at this scene! The clouds were breathtaking today… no Instagram filter necessary. Isn’t Seattle just GORGEOUS in May??

(and no, we do not edit our images with Instagram. Fun, but silly. We do everything custom and by hand of course :).And then it happened. A sighting followed immediately by an attack by the super rare Angry White Breasted Wailer (Others know them as Canadian Geese).I think these geese were in love. Maybe in hate. But I think they were definitely doing the love tango. We were clearly in the wrong place at the right time for this shot- it’s one for the books!!

Congrats to you both- I hope you had an AMAZING brunch and have an even MORE amazing life together! Smooches!!!!