I love designing stuff, and I love paper.  In fact, if I wasn’t totally stubborn about being a photographer when I was in art school, I would have been a graphic designer (my design class teacher was SO close in convincing me to switch majors!).

I was stoked to hear that a recent client of ours, Keenan, wanted me to design some custom thank you’s for Dave and her while they were on her honeymoon. (by the way, this girl’s honeymoon was OFF THE HOOK and a once in a lifetime trip- she and Dave spent an entire month traveling the entire world, starting in Africa, and ending in Hawaii.  Or was it Mexico…. all I know is that the girl kept texting me from the beach, sheer torture when it’s 45 degrees and raining here!!)

Here are some pictures we took before Keenan picked ’em up- I just love how vintage they look! (thanks to the design queen Amanda Cooper for lending us her lovely baroque elements!!!)

Watercolor paper polished off the vintage feel:


Amanda designed a chandelier graphic for Keenan’s invites (they’re AWESOME and totally the color scheme/design of my office :).  We used it as a watermark in this New Year’s Eve wedding‘s signature color, and is light enough to write a note over:090304_0046

Let us know if you’d like us to design something for your thank you’s, save the dates, birth announcements, or just some custom calling cards to keep on hand the next time you need to write a little missive!