Enter our new studio sample.  This one is mine, all mine (evil lighting, music, and facial expressions are applied here).

This is our new 11×14 horizontally-bound album, and pictures do it absolutely no justice.  It’s been customized around Sarah and Nathan’s fabulous and stylish Seattle wedding with a micro leather cover, name embossing, and the new duo pages.

What in the heck is a duo page?  Well, frankly, it’s the best of both worlds.  It has the elegance of a perfectly cut mat to frame smaller images in a series, and the modern bang-pow of full page, flush mounted images for those larger ones you want to have an impact.  Throw in a little wing page and a little flip page, and whammo, an uber-customized album not like anything you’ve ever seen before.

Dreamy vellum title page:



Sarah is SUCH a diva. (jokes, she really is the most un-diva person I’ve probably ever met!)


You can see the bevel edge of the PERFECTLY cut mat in the following image.  These designers sure do know how to cut a perfect opening (it’s NOT easy, I see bad mats in albums all the time!)


I love the stark simplicity of this spread.


The following is a series that shows the cool flip pages that are offered.  See how the ceremony page opens to show the entire ceremony?090226_0030

A unique wing page opens to highlight a favorite moment or new part of the day. This one begins with a diary entry that the bride wrote in 1st grade talking about the new boy in class, that, yep, she ended up marrying 🙂 It was on display during the cocktail hour, so it was a perfect image to highlight the start of the reception.


See?  Full bleed print right out to the edge.


Thank you, Sarah and Nathan, for having such a beautiful wedding, boy you guys make this album look good 🙂