A few months ago, Dorothy and Andy welcomed their first son, baby Simon, into the world!  I first met these two when we were planning their engagement and wedding photography, so I’ve been excited to meet Simon since I first caught wind he was on the way!  You can see some of our favorite shots from their Bump Session HERE.  Thank you both so much for inviting me into your lives at every milestone in the past few years, it has been wonderful seeing your relationship and family grow!  XOXO!


The above image makes me chuckle, I love it!


Again, chuckle!


Love this series!


In the Chinese culture, it is tradition to receive a stamp.  The figure on the top corresponds to what year on the Chinese calendar the baby was born.  Dorothy’s is on the left, Simon’s is in the middle, and Andy’s is on the right.  This stamp is your identity, like a social security card, and has your name engraved by a Chinese artist on the bottom.  If you lose it, well, you just better hope someone with a malicious mind doesn’t find it!