Kevin and Heather.  Super fun clients.  Great sense of humor.  Sometimes they have a little too much fun, but it’s all good- that’s the stuff great stories are made of.

Rewind back to their first date.  It was a sailboat race, the Duck Dodge.  Kevin accidentally knocked Heather overboard, came back to pick her up, and still took second place.  Not too shabby.

Fast forward to their wedding week.  One last weekend on the boat before the wedding.  And splash, bride overboard!  Enter the panic stricken thoughts of black eyes, stitches, and missing teeth on the wedding day.  At least Heather had the peace of mind that she will always, until the end of time, have the upper hand in any argument for the rest of their marriage!  Come wedding day, she looked absolutely radiant, and we all learned a very, very, very valuable lesson: absolutely NO sports the week before you have your wedding!!!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day- I love all the details, the way Kevin stole sideways glances at his absolutely stunning bride all day, the friends, the music, the big black getaway Caddy courtesty friend Bubba!

And of course, what wedding isn’t complete without the groom showing up for his wedding in his favorite grease covered work overalls and crocs! (“That’s Kevin!” everyone exclaimed as soon as they saw him roaming around the church grounds, true to form as his fun loving self!  Don’t worry, of course he had his suit on under the coveralls!).

Photographer: who else…

Dress: from Something Blue

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: Macy’s and Men’s Warehouse

Rings: Shane Company and Fox’s Gems

Earrings: Fair Portia

Honeymoon: one more romantic ride on the sailboat around the San Juans!

Band (rockin’ honkey folkgrass): Gertrude’s Hearse

Shoes: Zappos

Hair and Makeup: Gary Manuel

Flowers & Cake: family friends!

Ceremony: Blessed Sacrament Church

Reception & Catering: Lake Union Cafe