Nurses.  A whole bunch of trouble, if you ask me.  Karen met Todd at work.  Thought he was super cute, super smart, just a super guy in general.  He even moved into her super building, so now they are super neighbors.  Finally, after a WHOLE lot of heavy thought on the subject, there was some asking-out.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  

Despite their absolutely opposite work schedules at the hospital (think graveyard shift meets 9-5) they’ve managed to grow quite close, and have invited me to be the wedding photographer for their gathering at the super Farm Kitchen over in Poulsbo.  We all love this venue- it’s an old barn converted into a most quaint reception hall among orchards, horses, and most importantly, the most colorful and beautiful dahlia field you’ve ever seen.  In fact, one of the reasons that Karen and Todd picked the Farm Kitchen for their wedding venue is the dahlias- Karen’s father was known as The Dahlia Man because of his love of growing them.  

I truly can’t wait to see how their wedding unfolds- it will be a super fun day, not without tons of emotions as Karen wants to include the memory of her father in every way that she can.  Check out the following pics from their engagement portrait session up on Discovery Park one super afternoon- and don’t miss their funny little old-man-of-a-dog Charlie, who couldn’t be bothered much for his close-up! (do you see him making his mark?  gotta love dogs and babies… wink wink!)