That’s right, the person who pays the most gets to take you home (or around town anyway).

Recently Seattle Metropolitan Magazine held their annual Seattle Celebrity Singles Charity Auction in a swanky unfinished loft in downtown Seattle. Local singles (and non singles alike!) bid on local “celebs” and their awesome packages all for a great cause: the Moyer Foundation’s plight to help children in distress. Over $20,000 was raised as folks bid on their favorite football star, musical actress, Google CEO, PNB dancer, actor, and many more. It was a super opportunity for me to hang out at yet another party (DANG I love this job!), snap some fun pictures documenting a great cause with my pal Jeff LaPlante, and scope things out for our own upcoming charity event!!

My favorite moment of the entire night was watching Portland’s local celeb emcee Poison Waters and Q13’s Lily Jang put two patrons against each other in a hot bidding frenzy over one oh-so-dreamy Google CEO and his, eh hem, package. I had the best seat in the house to document this all go down, right in the middle of the superserious bidders. I think McGoogle brought in the highest bid, even. Good on ya’ chickie! You just did a great thing for many, many, kids!