More and more these days my Getting To Know You Shoots (a.k.a. engagement sessions) are turning into six hour adventures throughout the city.  I really love spending this time with my clients before the wedding, it is so much fun to, um, get to know them. (so I’m obviously not very witty when I name my products 😉  It is great to be able to take a breather from life and hang out as friends for a bit before things get hectic closer to the wedding!

Keri & Gary met through friends of theirs.  They all used to hang out in a large group, and Gary had liked her for a really, really, long time!  They found me through one of my favorite friends, wedding planner and event designer, Kelly of Sweet Pea Events, and boy am I glad she introduced us!  I can’t wait for their wedding this August at Bell Harbor in downtown Seattle.  Sounds like it’s going to be a beautiful affair infused with a hint of rock and roll.

Keri borrowed her grandma’s completely vintage 1962 Thunderbird  (did I get that right??) for our shoot- we poked around old town Ballard looking for fun nooks and crannies to explore, and even headed into their favorite wine bar, Portalis for a few. (bottles!!  and then we opened them aaaaaaallllll up and they even got me to break my veggie ways and try the trout!). I can’t even begin to write about how much fun we had roaming around town- check it out!  071103_0008.jpg071103_0010.jpg071103_0030.jpg071103_0031.jpg071103_0058.jpg071103_0062.jpg071103_0070.jpg071103_0074.jpg071103_0080.jpg071103_0087.jpg071103_0089.jpg