Troopers. That’s what I comes to mind when I think of all of my wonderful wedding clients who powered through our engagement and getting to know you shoots this April! If I didn’t know better, I would say that it rained the whole month straight, extra hard when we’d have a shoot scheduled just because some cosmic force thought it would be funny to pour down on all of my clients and I!

Meghan and Kevin are another pair of troopers that I’ve got for clients. Their wedding is set for a {hopefully!} sunny warm afternoon in July, right before the 4th. I’m excited to see what Meghan is planning for us all- I do know that the look and feel will be slightly turn-of-the century, especially with the Skansonia Ferry for the venue. I love the old bar and shiney wood floors, plus the views of downtown are just gorgeous at night!

On the other hand, I think luck may have been on our side- had it been a nice sunny afternoon, we would surely have been spotted by one of Kevin’s students- we shot around the University of Washington where Kevin is a professor (and my old stomping grounds as well!)