You know, I’ve been doing some thinking. We (photographers) love to capture the entire love story, from start to end, as much as we can. As a girl, I’m also a sucker for sweet moments. Through the process of planning a wedding, we really get to know our clients, and are involved in such personal moments of their lives, from wedding day tears to new babies down the line. I’ve always wanted to be there to document a wedding proposal, but unfortunately, brides and grooms call me AFTER they’ve gone through the very first very large step (granted, there have been a couple of exceptions!). I just love hearing the stories behind each couple- and if you’re one of my couples you know that I’ve asked each and every one of you how the proposal came about!!

So… (drumroll!)… I’m introducing a new type of shoot that I’ll be offering. It’s called “The ‘Will You?’ Shoot” (sorry for the lack of creativity and wittiness-it’s a little past my bedtime!) And to kick it off, I’m giving away a FREE one.

If you’re planning on popping the question (or you know someone who is), and would love to have your big production (or small!) documented on film, email me with your plans at info(at) If I hear about a great plan for a proposal in the next two weeks (that means by November 22nd), then I’ll plan to meet you before the deal goes down, to document reactions, tears, hugs, and laughs, plus a little in-the-moment-afterglow mini-engagement portrait session. And if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll document the ring shopping too (I’m also a sucker for all things sparkly!). Email me at info(at) with your plans and we’ll talk! I’ll post the winner here on the blog only after we’ve documented it, as to not spoil any surprises (but of course everyone who contacts me will be in the loop via email). I’ll post, that is, if any silly soul finds my silly little blog before they actually propose-this will be a great experiment! So spread the word!!!

Check out this super sweet proposal that I found on You Tube- it’s a tough one to beat, for sure!!!