For a few years now, Laura and Aadip have lived happily ever after in their little house with their little dog. They’ve shared a love for anything vintage, old Hollywood, and movies. So much that they even named their little white dog Brando, who they brought with them when we met for the very first time (he came along as a coolness indicator- if I didn’t like him and he didn’t like me then I wouldn’t be their photographer. I don’t know how I passed that one, but Brando is one cute pup, it’s no wonder Aadip tattooed him on his arm!).

When it was time for Aadip to pop the question, he did it on a family vacation when they were on the steps of the Taj Mahal! Who can beat that!

They settled on none other than Seattle’s premier film and photography production studio, Pravda, for their Bollywood-themed wedding- combining their love for movies, anything Hollywood, and Aadip’s family’s roots.

Laura was dressed in an over the top Hollywood starlet gown, with the bridesmaids, bridesmen, bridal sidekick, groomsmen and Brando the ringbearer clad in super swanky classy tuxes and va va voom red cocktail dresses. Aadip was of course, also sporting a very classy tux in true Hollywood style, patent leather shoes and all.

Act One was a traditional Hindu marraige ceremony, spanning a jam-packed hour and a half. The Hindu religion is full of so many ceremonial events, it was so interesting watching it all unfold along with 250 of their closest friends and relatives. The most lively moment in the ceremony was after the Manhal Phera (circling of the sacred fire), where the first person who sat down after circling four times would be the boss in the marraige. They both fought for it as their feet went out under them, Aadip barely beating Laura to the floor, throwing out some victory devil horns.

Act Two, a somewhat traditional Western ceremony, was performed by long time family friend, Reverend Adam Gehrke, who you may recognize from Channel 13 Fox news (how Hollywood is that!). Short and sweet with a dash of humor is how Adam likes to marry his friends, and it’s always a pleasure photographing his ceremonies (somehow, randomly, he’s popped up as officient at three of my weddings!). Brando (their dog, remember) was the ring bearer, and was given the spotlight more times that I can count as the crowd chuckled.

Here are just a few of my favorite images throughout the day- they range from totally classy to totally rockstar.
(Is this devious little cherub giving us the finger and then laughing about it??)070811_0418.jpg070811_0469.jpg070811_0590.jpg070811_0612.jpg070811_0656.jpg070811_0666b.jpg070811_0761.jpg
Venue: Pravda Studios
Photography: Laurel McConnell Photography
Dress: La Belle Elaine’s
Catering: Taste of India
Cake: Creme de la Creme
Rings: Greenlake Jewelry Works
Flowers: Phinney Ridge Florist and Luna Flora
Vintage Tiara and Broach: Lil Paisley
Venue decor: Prop Gallery
Bride’s hair and makeup: Gary Manuel