This is Shaine and Ryan’s second, but their first little girl. A couple of months ago, the phone rang, and it was a gal named Shaine. She laid it all out on the table, something to the effect of: “My regular photographer is at the hospital with her new baby, and I’m going to go into labor in 3 days. I really want to document my belly!” So the very next morning, so bright and so early, on a ferry I hopped, on my way to meet her young son Zach and Shaine for our first portrait session!
Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I get the email announcing baby Natalie Elizabeth’s arrival. She was a wonderful 8 pounds, 3 ounces the early afternoon of July 30th. So we scheduled round two, and again, I hopped on the ferry and scooted over to their home on Bainbridge Island, this time to also meet their crazy retrievers and her husband, too!