A new spin on an old tradition: photo guest books. For the last few years, brides and grooms have loved the idea of using pictures in their guest book to make it more interesting- gone are the days of page after page of signatures from people that you don’t really know, and these days, folks are making books, framed prints, polariod guest books, and just about any other type of guest books that deviate from the traditional.

You can buy an inexpensive blank book at just about any art store (like ones made by Kolo) and add your own pictures in, prompting your guests to write on the pages around the book. You can even get a Polariod camera and some film and have one of your guests in charge of taking pictures of everyone (just don’t shake it, despite what Outkast says).
If you’d rather not mess with it and just have it done for you, we’ve got two types of books over here: the Framed Guest Book and the Coffee Table Guest Book. Here are some pictures of real ones that I’ve done recently. With a Framed Guest Book, we’ll take your favorite Engagement picture and frame it up with archival mat, and I’ll set it up at the reception with an easel and archival pens for your guests to write cute little personal messages. The Coffee Table Book has your favorite images printed right onto the page, and again, I’ll bring a pen for your guests to write in the book with.