7.7.07 is probably the most famous date in all of history to get married. I was lucky enough to be chosen by Hannah and Craig to photograph their 7.7.07 wedding. It was held on the beautiful Camano Island, a couple of hours north of Seattle, at Chateau LaBree. The Chateau is actually a private residence that overlooks the breathtakingly beautiful bay and is owned by old family friends of Craig’s, Bob and Nancy. This wedding will definitely be making my top ten list of most emotional weddings for 2007, it was wonderful to be able to preserve such a sweet day in their lives!

Hannah’s dress was a handmade collaborative effort of hers, her mom’s, and her closest friends. Craig wore a luxurious shirt from the Tommy Bahama collection. Shoes were completely optional (and I admit, it took two showers to get mine completely clean!).
The ceremony was unique with elements of Native American Cherokee culture. It began with spiritual and emotional cleansing of the guests and participants with sage smoke (I think it was called Smudging?). Then the best man brought a quilt around to each of the guests (present company included) to be wished upon- this was to be draped over Hannah and Craig at the end of the ceremony. Craig and Hannah’s mothers both performed the ceremony, which was full of candles, prayers, tea, and binding of the hands. It was beautifully emotional, as the wind breezed off the bluff through the crowd.
The toasts were a roast-style love-fest- it was hilarious. Are you noticing the colors yet? Hannah and Craig met while attending USC, so naturally, their wedding colors had to be in the spirit of their alma mater! And I love love their cherry-blossom cake- very beautifully done! (and it even matches her pedicure and the wedding invitation!)

The evening was toppped off by dancing, bonfire gathering, and even a visit from the local sheriff…. on an island that prides itself on it’s fourth of July celebrations they still didn’t take too kindly to the grand finale of the evening- a personal show of fireworks dedicated to Hannah and Craig’s new life together!
Location: private residence Chateau LaBree
Dress: custom designed- hand made creation
Flowers: Sue Sawyer
Rings: family jeweler Alvin Goldfarb. Craig’s family has been going to the Goldfarbs for generations.
Cake: Xtra Special Cakes
Bridesmaids dresses: Moms, Maids, and More
Groom and groomsmen shirts: Tommy Bahama
Catering: Larry’s Smokehouse

UPDATE: I just received the greatest thank you note in the mail from these two- they gave me the most heart-warming compliments I could ever ask for! It was addressed to both my assistant and I, and it reads like this:

“Laurel, It has been a genuine pleasure just getting to know you. Working with you was like spending time with an old friend who happened to have her camera. And the resulting work was more than I could wish for (& I had high expectations). You and Amber were a welcome addition to our celebration and a perfect fit for our needs! THANK YOU! Looking forward to future work & social fun!- Craig”

and this was from Hannah:

“Laurel, we were so lucky that you were still available to shoot our wedding. Everyone has raved about the pictures you took, we are thrilled with them, and you and Amber were so easy and fun to work with. Like Craig said, we had high expectations and were still floored by the beautiful results. You really captured the day and our family and friends perfectly. Thank you! -Hannah”

Hearing this just makes all those late nights editing and hour upon hour driving in the car to and from far away lands pay off! I really do love what I do, and I love being a part of such a tremendously special occasion- when else do you get to party EVERY weekend and even complete strangers are happy to see you?!?! YAY!