We all google our names. Right? Luckily, if you google my name, it’s the right me that pops up on the first and second page- I dominate Google. Sorta. Last month, I received an email from Laurel McConnell. Not me Laurel, but another artist/”fledgling photographer” named Laurel McConnell from Wisconson that had Googled her name and found mine. er, ours. Now we write emails to each other just about every week. She’s my twin penpal I suppose! In my own little Google searches, I’ve found another Laurel who hits home runs in her little league and another Laurel who lives and works in Canada.

Today I was reading the Seattle Times, there was an article about exactly just that. Finding your “Google Twin.”

Statistically speaking, there are approximately 6 Laurel McConnell’s in the United States. I’m one, the Wisconson one found me, so that leaves four other U.S. us’s that we still have to find! You can search your name at www.howmanyofme.com to find how many of you are out there.

I just hope that some other Laurel McConnell doesn’t make headlines for tax evasion or money laundering or selling gorillas on the black market…