I had nothing sneaky planned for April Fool’s Day. I kind of forgot it was a jokester’s holiday (and I’m a little tiny bit of a jokester, too)… I woke up… did some editing on recent shoots, then went to Kirkland to photograph a pregnant client. When I got home, I had babies.
Our little fishies have been quite busy, apparently. Funny sense of humor they have- they had 15 little babies… so I suppose we’ll need to find names for all these guys too (like my poor unnamed office fish… see the earlier post on that one!). They are Balloon Mollies, and can have up to 100 babies each month. I guess that our older and much larger Angelfish must have been cleaning house- in the 2 years that we’ve had these guys we’ve only seen one little baby we named Whitey (he was little and white. I’m so original.).