Erin and Josh.  Oh man, where do I begin… laughter.  One thing that nearly EVERY image has from the weekend I spent with them has is laughter.  Hysterical, joking, loving laughter.  I love it.  They love each other so much, and their family and friends loves them, and they love their family and friends.  In fact, Josh loves Erin SO much that he called 24 Ann Taylors to find the right sizes for the bridesmaids dresses.  Apparently this is what he does at work.  Awesome Josh, awesome.  (you can see their West Seattle engagement portraits here!)

It was just such a fun, fun, weekend.  First to Gig Harbor, Erin’s home town, to spend some time with their families who flew from as far as Japan!!  Then to the gorgeous and totally undiscovered Annie Wright School in Tacoma for the wedding day and ceremony (yes, you can rent an old prep school!).  Then, a few private moments for some post-nuptual jumping on the bed (shh! Don’t tell the folks at Annie Wright 🙂 and then onto a great, great party, where the kids stayed up late, and no one wanted to leave.

A super special shout-out to miss Barbie Hull for co-shooting with me that day (daaang, she’s good at what she does!), Gallucci’s for yummy food, and the super talented family and friends responsible for the cake, hair, makeup, flowers, and programs/invites!  Mark Tsui for some awesome beats, and Jane Treleven for a stunning cake that was so fun to watch the destruction of 🙂  And especially Father Gerry, Erin’s highschool pastor who was able to marry Erin and Josh and keep us all laughing.

I just couldn’t narrow it down to a few for the blog (probably because its way past my bedtime, or maybe because I spent TWO days with them!), so here’s a really long, but fast moving slideshow (cause really, I’m sure you have other things you SHOULD be doing right now then watching a blog slideshow…).

Congrats you two!  And thanks so much to you and your friends and family for having such a fun wedding and being such fun people to photograph!  Babs and I had a blast!!!  It was truly an honor!  I do have the best clients, eh?  So much fun, so much fun.