I apologize.  If you know me, you know I can’t resist an opportunity to inject a Zoolander quote in any situation.

Enter the wedding photobooth.  The machine itself has been around since, what, the 60’s or so, and is a nostalgic photo-makin’ barely-portable lab.  Lately, companies have been offering to bring a booth to your wedding, pumping out fun little strips of pictures for your guests to take home.  It’s just that they’re just kinda big and expensive.


Enter our version of the Photobooth.  A small portable backdrop, tripod, camera, and light, and an optional photographer (so yes, we still are there to capture the event while our automatic camera and easy-to-follow instruction sign is there to guide your guests).  We’ve been offering them for a couple of years to our wedding clients and have gotten fabulous feedback:

  • it’s a great way for guests to entertain themselves during your reception if they don’t like to dance (but yes, they can dance in our booth too!)
  • it’s a great way to get pictures with all of your friends in one place
  • it’s nice and compact, so we can set it up anywhere.  Even a closet.  In fact, we prefer closets because they give us great lighting opportunities and are private enough that people feel free to REALLY let loose (at our last photobooth wedding, the bride received phone calls from her guests the next day, asking if we would be editing for content-they were afraid they made fools of themselves.  My reply: “of course” and “yes!”  Let’s just say it was F U N N Y!)
  • it’s REALLY inexpensive, and all the images will be on the same website as your wedding day pictures, so everyone can see everyone else’s antics and get prints for themselves, too.
  • you can choose a white backdrop, black backdrop, existing backdrop at the venue (like a brick wall), or a patterned/colored backdrop with fun vintage or modern prints (we can have a photobooth design session before your wedding).
  • why is it that props like oversized photo frames, hats, funny glasses, and boas will bring out a side of your friends you never knew was there?

You can add our photobooth service on at any point before we pack up and leave for your wedding, just give us an email and we’ll brainstorm!