There are just some people, who, after meeting them and knowing them, have made your life even more fun and delightful.  Juli and Christopher are two of these people. I am so happy and thankful to be the one who has documented such a special time in their lives.  They met at one of the best places to find a friend and the love of your life, like many of my other clients and friends, online. He works at Microsoft (and is of course, therefor, totally into photography. What is it about Microsoft employees?! ;), and she brings technology to the masses through programs at UW and Seattle Schools.

With the last few days of crazy April weather (yes, rain, sun, hail, AND snow all in a one hour period this afternoon) I remember the gorgeous, warm sun quite clearly on their late February afternoon wedding.

They wanted their wedding to be all about bringing two families together and celebrating the love that they all have for each other. They each had their pastors speak during their ceremony, Juli wore the cuff of her great grandmother’s wedding dress around her ankle, and they had all sorts of great little surprises in honor of Chris’s two boys. There was a fun moment during the ceremony where Juli was presented a necklace: it was originally a gift from Christopher, and to welcome the boys into her life, she had Greenlake Jewelry Works amend it to include the boys’ birthstones. During the reception, Chris and Juli had a special surprise song planned just for the boys- the Muppet’s Muhnahmahnah song (I know you’re totally singing it in your head right now…). The drink du jour was from Juli’s brother’s award winning cider company, Blue Mountain Cider (you HAVE to have some of this- their cherry apple hard cider goes down like… er… apple juice?). Even the flowers had family importance- you could see tulips everywhere (invitation, programs, table tops, bouquets, even the bridesmaid’s earrings) because when Juli was a girl, her dad would tuck her in at night saying “Time to plant the tulip!”

Thank you guys both so much for welcoming me into your lives- Victoria and I had such a great time at your wedding and everyone made us feel like we were part of the family and welcome guests!!

Ceremony & reception: University Presbyterian Church and the Hollywood Schoolhouse

Hair and makeup: the fabulous Erin Skipley

Rings: Blue Nile

Photographer: guess who

Cake: Sharon’s Catering and Cakes

Music: the uber uber uber talented Michael Benson Band

Flowers: Ring Around the Rose