We live in a city where it rains. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes we don’t feel like rearranging our schedule to shoot on a sunny day, and sometimes we do. This day, we totally didn’t, and I’m so glad we had our little adventure! Sarah and Nathan met me up at Discovery Park in Magnolia, depsite the fact that it was football Sunday (thanks Nathan for indulging us ladies in our engagement portrait plans!!). It was definitely the fall day of all fall days: windy, rainy, leaves blowing, and a bit chilly. But nothing could stop us- we tromped all over the historic district at Fort Lawton (there really aren’t many buildings there that we’re authorized to walk by, but the couple that are there are so fun and eerie, not widely traveled!), romped through the puddles, waded through the tall grass, and rolled in the mud (okay, it was just me in the mud. I don’t usually make my clients roll in the mud when they are wearing white coats! ;). Here are some favs of mine from this shoot- aren’t they just a gorgeous and happy couple?!?! So comfortable in front of the camera (but Nathan’s a chronic blinker!). I can’t wait for their wedding next summer-I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be just stunning!