2010 has been a wonderful year. We finally moved into our first “grownup” house, we got some ridiculously fun & entertaining fur machines, I got to speak for Nikon, shoot a few wedding proposals, and the weddings, oh the weddings!! Our clients this past year threw some truly amazing affairs, and boy are we excited to start sharing them!! I feel awful that we haven’t been able to blog each and every shoot the last year, so perhaps that will be one of our new year’s resolutions: take on less and blog more! I guess that’s what the rainy months are for.

Back in October, I threw together a “Best of 2010 (October-to-October anyway)” book for a little bridal event called Get Hitched Give Hope. So here we go. The year in pictures. The best {weddng} images from us of 2010. It definitely should include a ton more- I hope you enjoy.