If it wasn’t for that one day mid-April where it broke something like 75, I would think that it was still the month of January.  I’ve never had so many sessions in a row where we got dumped on and blown over… it really tested our abilities to keep warm and entertained.  So thanks, my lovely client-friends, you’re all such troopers!

Erin and Josh were the first of all the sessions.  They love West Seattle, and love to collect beach glass.  In fact, they’ve got quite a collection at home.  So… off we went, walking out at Alki, looking for the elusive blue glass.  It rained, it gusted, the sun even peeked out for a split second, too bad it just wasn’t above OUR heads.  Despite the windy crazy weather, we still had a great time exploring and walking around!


Can you believe that Erin hasn’t seen Zoolander yet?? Don’t be surprised if you find it as an anonymous gift at your wedding 😉



Hopefully, come July at their wedding, we will have good “weather karma!!”  I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds- sounds like we have some fun ceremonies ahead of us! (that’s right… plural…)