I keep hearing this name this week. Etsty. First mentioned to me last Thursday at Urban Unveiled by the lovely Lily when I commented on her vintage typewriter key necklace, it was of course, an “L,” the best letter of the alphabet! Lily is a custom printer at Moon Photo and works with the fabulous and talented photographer Sharlane Chase.

Etsy came up again today when I received an email from my friend the incredibly gifted Laurie Cinotto. She is, by the way, one of my all-time favorite florists. Not only does she have beautiful designs that her clients absolutely ADORE, but she tought me how to correctly pin a boutonniere years ago, a must-have-skill for the modern day hip photographer, wink wink! This skill has now been passed on to many a groom and groomsmen over the last few years, so thank you Laurie! Anyway, back to the subject, she has been designing and has decided to sell some of her work there- check out her new designs at la la laurie. (p.s. they’re not bouquets…necessarily!)

After spending entirely too long browsing around on the site, I’ve figured out that I need to NOT have my wallet anywhere near me for fear of going broke via acquisition of fabulously unique jewelry, silk purses, and custom made notecards. So… in case you’re looking for a unique gift for a bridesmaid, best friend, or a gift to treat yourself, this website is definitely the next greatest thing!