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Hitched: Liz & Jeremy

What a fun day to get married… now there’s no excuse for anyone NOT to remember your wedding anniversary!Read more »

Hitched: Suzanne and Ty!!

Two days after a major storm in the middle of December, Suzanne and Ty had their ceremony in one of the most beautifulRead more »

Engaged: Mary and Matt!!

All I have to say is that I can’t wait to photograph Mary and Matt’s wedding! They met while going toRead more »

Announcing New Announcement Cards!!

(I thought the title was kinda funny ) Recently, a client came to me with an interesting situation- she needed toRead more »

Hitched: Annisa & Ryan!!

In addition to moving from Washington to Denver, being welcomed into a new family of two sons and a daughter, andRead more »

You’ll Be Seeing a Lot of Me…

This is probably your first wedding. Well, your first wedding like this anyway And you’re probably completelyRead more »

Why We Do What We Do

It’s Sunday, it’s raining outside, and my boyfriend’s 10-hours-of-football-marathon has started.Read more »

Engaged: Courtney & Tyrone!!

Congrats to Courtney and Tyrone- they just got engaged and I had the privilege of photographing their engagementRead more »

Hello World!

Hello everyone! This is my first entry into the wide world of blogging! For now, this will have to be it, asRead more »