I love these guys. Not only are they responsible for my fiancee and I meeting, but MAN are they fun to hang around with. But let’s back up a second here! On a crisp winter morning we loaded up the car and headed up to some snow mobile trails at Snoqualmie Pass for a fun Adventure Shoot engagement session. It’s always a little weird being in the car for hours on end with folks you’ve just met, but it was clear when they greeted me with smiles that morning that we were going to have a great time in the mountains!couple_hugging_under_plaid_blanket

Snow blanket snuggles are the best! After watching these two playfully pull the blanket while they were walking, I suspect that Anthony is the one that hogs the covers.;)

Fun story alert!! This snow was so deep and so fresh that I was actually crotch-deep and they were precariously perched on that floating blanket! We sunk so hard maneuvering in and out of this foresty spot … but it made for a really fun adventure :).couple_hugging_in_snowcouple_hugging_in_snow couple_holding_hands_in_snowThis may be my favorite spot of all time! It’s super easy to get to and has views like woah. You just might recognize it if you’re a frequent skiier/boarder, too!couple_hugging_in_snow couple_hugging_in_covered_bridgeWe couldn’t end the shoot on a proper note; we had to get a little cray with it. Any bets on who won the snowball fight? couple_throwing_snow_balls