It’s 4am and Brandon and Megan are on a flight from Ohio to Seattle. “Are you keeping something from me?” she asks, with no idea of what the next 14 hours have in store for her. Little does she know, there is a gorgeous diamond ring in Brandon’s pocket, just burning a hole.

Fast forward to Go Time. It’s 5:45 and I receive a text, “Coming up.” An awesome pal (and fellow photographer) Amy is with me, and we are playing tourist. She’s taking photos on her ipad (yup! Ipad!) and I’m meandering around. Megan’s a smart one, you see…. and we had to be extra careful to blend in with the sightseers. They arrive to the top of Seattle’s iconic space needle and make their way leisurely to the observation deck outside, as they have a few minutes to waste before their 6pm dinner reservations (6pm. Reservations. Rrrrriiiiiight. :). view from atop the seattle space needle and the guy who is about to propose!

Then it happens. What was said, we’ll never know. All we know is that he asked and she said yes, as smiles were bursting from their cheeks. he gets down to propose on one knee on the observation deck at the seattle space needlea happy moment during their proposal at the seattle space needlehe kisses her cheek after just getting engagedseattle space needle marriage proposal- she said yes!

Don’t you just love their giddy smiles and sweet grins?!?!?!a dramatic kiss overlooks the seattle skyline atop the space needle after he proposedblack and white silhouette at the space needlehappy smiley couple at the EMP and frets at the seattle centerpausing for a picture on the stairs at the emp with the space needle behind during engagement photosShe’s breathtakingly stunning, and he’s oh-so-handsome. Sorry folks, they’re totally spoken head shot portraits of the newly engaged happy coupleseattle engagement shoot right after the proposal at the emp seattle center space needleCongratulation to the both of you. I hope you have a wonderful trip around Seattle, and Amy and I were so honored to be there for such a special moment for you both!!!!! We wish you many years of laughter and love and fun and adventure!!!! XXOO!