Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming.

The makers behind the lenses, flashes, and cameras I’ve loved and been loyal to since I first started this photography adventure over a decade ago are taking me to VEGAS. That’s right friends, I’m a Nikon shooter and can’t be happier with my choice of the rock solid D3, 14-24, 24-70, 50mm 1.4, 105 macro, 70-200, and sb-800’s. And now they’re sponsoring Laurel McConnell Photography. Pinch pinch pinch!!!

Random sidenote… did you know my first camera was the cute little N-65? And my first professional camera was the workhorse F-100? We’ve come along way, baby!


The Wedding & Portrait Photographers International conference attracts around 10,000 photographers, bloggers, technophiles, and weekend warriors from around the WORLD each year about this time.

Nikon has set me up with some grrreat bodies and lenses to shoot with, review, and learn inside and out while they usher me around this huge conference with them!

For the next week, you’ll be seeing a series of posts, tweets, and facebook updates about my travels with Nikon and WPPI, while I listen to world renowned photographers speak, while I shoot, while I learn, while I browse, and while I rub elbows with some pretty heavy-hitter shooters.

You’ll see blurbs about speakers, about knowledge gained. About tradeshow finds, about long lost friends. About Nikon lenses, Nikon bodies, Nikon flashes, Nikon photographers. About parties, and socials, and silly shenanigans, no doubt.

Bottom line, this is a GREAT conference for anyone interested in the art, business, and technology of photography. A necessary experience for any photographer in the wedding and portrait world.

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I hope that if you’re not able to attend this year, you’ll find this next week’s series interesting, informative, and inspiring.

And if you’re NOT a photographer, then I humbly apologize… it’s about to get REAL geeky in here!

Cheers, and see you in Vegas!!

Special thanks to Junebug Weddings, for without which this opportunity would not have come to be!!!