When an artist throws a party, you KNOW it’s gonna be good.

Tarot cards. Espresso. Burlesque. Food. Music. A night full of art, in honor of the artists.

The art of her guests adorned the walls of her historic Tiffany blue home. Rooms and rooms and rooms of art. Scary art, whimsical art, beautiful art, thoughtful art, funny art. Even a nude picture of OJ bearing all, hanging in, of all places, the guest bath. It was like visiting a real, life Alice In Wonderland home. Not the “Sugary Silly Disney” version, but the real, “Alice Is On Acid” version. Pure eye candy, and we were lovin it. And then I got lost in the twisting maze of staircases and rooms. Maybe if I was real quiet, they’d never know it if I moved in 😉

Donna, our lovely hostess, is the designer behind Elsie Katz Couture and has recently been spending time working on costumes for AMC’s Mad Men (OH to own an Elsie Katz Original. Mark my words, blog readers, I will! Oh yes, I will!). Bean, her camera shy main squeeze, is of LA’s world famous KROQ’s Kevin & The Bean.

The fantabulous Ms. Shannon Lassen was hired to design all things visual for this “Party Just Because,” to keep up with Donna’s colorful, eclectic style, and boy did she NAIL it.

DANG these ladies were hot. I WISH I had as much talent! Each act had a little story and a lotta humor. The costumes were all made by them (one of the gals came out with panties made of live roses!), and the dancing was quite entertaining (i.e. what GOOD burlesque is).

Meet my future husband (sorry Jonny!). This is Nathan Gaunt, a soulful singer/songwriter from Australia. Check out his music here. You can even catch him at SXSW this year! Congrats dude (and please don’t tell anyone about my turtle fall, mmm kay? It’s supposed to be our little {{embarassing}} secret).

Chef Kaspar’s creations. DANG that salad rocked my socks off.

The night ended with a play along jam session with everyone singing along to The Rainbow Connection performed by Nathan and one of the guests (on a ukulele!!!). This party will go down in history as one of the most creative ones, no doubt! Thanks everyone!

Event Planning and Design: Sublime Events

Decor: Aria Style, AA Party Rentals, Pedersen’s Rentals, Choice Linens, Totally Tabletops

Lighting: Hardcastle Entertainment

Catering: Chef Kaspar Donier for Kaspar’s, Espresso Elegance

Valet: Butler Valet

Tarot card reader: Cynthia Sees

Entertainment: Atomic Bombshells, Nathan Gaunt