Today is November 6th, 2009. To most of us, it’s just another fall Friday (Insane winds, funnel clouds, and torrential downpour. You know, the usual ;). To Danni and Nick: it is the day they got engaged.


I first met Nick last month over email when he asked me, “Do you shoot in the rain?” I almost fell out of my chair laughing, because in Seattle, rain doesn’t stop us. In fact, we don’t even use umbrellas. Right Nick? Right. (he totally noticed this phenomena earlier today while walking downtown!)

Lets set the scene. Nick is an illustrator for a hot gaming company. Danni has a huge following on her design blog, Oh Hello Friend (it’s yummy, just check it out!). They met at art school 4 years ago. In fact all three of us went to the Art Institute; me in Seattle, they in Orange County. Represent!!

His plan: surprise Danni with a flight from their sunny and “everyday-is-70-degree” Orange County home to the rainy “every-day-is-a-crap-shoot” Seattle getaway, only he didn’t tell her WHERE they were going. Normally a risky move, but Danni looooves rain.

The other day, some pictures of a very special nature arrived in my inbox: I was to magically get these to appear on the back of my camera (you’ll see, just wait for it!). Now, cue the actress, Seattle’s own Darrah Parker (wild applause emanates from the audience). At 1pm today, Darrah and I boarded a ferry to Bainbridge Island, and found ourselves snapping pictures of each other on the windy deck while crossing Puget Sound. Okay, Fib #1…. I was REALLY snapping pics of Danni and Nick, acting all cute-like in the background. Nick not only woke up his sleepy girlfriend from her short snooze on the relaxing ferry, but dragged her out to the violently blustery (um, understatement of the year) deck to watch the silly girls shooting pictures and take in the sea air. He gets an A+ for his mad setup skills- he kept pulling her into ideal spots for us to snag some shots no matter what her agenda was! Nearly an hour later, we found ourselves in the gorgeous Bloedel Reserve, a historic, well kept, private park on the island.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. I kept saying to Darrah, “What if he changed his mind and he’s not coming? What if they got lost in the 150 acres? What if we are the WRONG “Waterfall Lookout By The Historic House?” Sure enough, here they come, meandering down the path. Seriously, Danni, could you walk any slower? Didn’t you know there were three people screaming silently in their minds with excitement with what was about to happen? Of course not. She was sightseeing and leading their self-guided tour, map in hand, having a grand ol’ time, mostly oblivious to Nick’s scheming.

Enter Darrah, stage left. Laurel wanders off to check her cell phone and “look busy with something else,” while actually getting into position. Mini-fib #2.

“Oh my gosh! Hey! Weren’t you the guys on the ferry?” chimes Darrah. Luckily, Danni totally remembered us as being the silly tourist girls on the deck getting blown over by the wind, and being all smiles, greeted us like old friends as Nick gave “The Look” to mean it’s “Go Time.”


“I saw you guys, and I took some really cute pictures of you. Wanna see?” Fib #3.


Danni and Nick agree in unison. Nick reaches into his pocket. Here it comes.

Darrah flips through some of the cute (stalker-like!) images we snuck of them on the ferry. Then she gets to the first REAL image.


Then the next.


Then the next.


You know what comes next.


She turns around, and Nick is on his knee, holding the sweetest ring I ever saw, barely able to hold those four words in his mouth before they gushed out in the most beautiful sentence a girl ever wants to hear.





Nick MADE this ring. He designed it on the computer, putting painstaking time into the fine details (my picture is NOT doing it justice, for sure!). He has some fancy dancy 3-d modeling machine thing at work that carved this delicate little number out of some composite type of material (I asked Nick twice and forgot what it was again!). LOVE it- straight from the heart and 100% unique.









Thank you both so so much for inviting us in to your lives to document such a private and exciting moment for you.  It was the best thing that we could ever hope to do on a stormy Friday afternoon, and had so much fun crawling around in the wet muddy grass! We hope you have a really fun weekend doing all the fun Seattley things, and hope you get more rain so you can really use your brand-spankin-new umbrella 😉

And in case you were wondering how this story ends, she said yes. 😉