It’s taken Andy 6 years to realize it was time.  So when Darryn and Stacey were planning their wedding, they thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Andy to make a splash with his proposal to Vickie.  Everyone was in on the secret, it was incredible and amazing that there wasn’t a slip of the tongue or a peep of special significance.  I don’t know much about these two, only that Andy had a stunning ring in his pocket all day.  The excitement had everyone on the edge of their seats- the energy of what was about to come was incredible.

It all happened just as Andy had planned: first Stacey threw the bouquet.  She turned around quickly after a fake, like a woman on a mission, heading straight for the unsuspecting guest.  Haha, people get called out all the time like this at weddings, but I wonder if this one girl in particular knew that her life was about to change forever as the crowd quickly rushed the dance floor in anticipation of what was about to happen (and they carried Corey Bogle, Lily, and I right up with them!).  Andy emerged from the crowd, and bent over to whisper what only the two of them would ever know, before dropping to one knee, pulling the solitaire out of his pocket.  It was an emotionally charged moment- the crowd was surging and crying and shaking all around us as she said yes, and he swept  her off her feet in a hug of excitement and elation.

Congratulations you guys, I’m so glad I was there to capture this for you!  It was a reception and proposal I won’t soon forget!_dsc8028_dsc8039_dsc8052_dsc8058_dsc8061_dsc8064_dsc8069_dsc8086_dsc8090_dsc8115_dsc8116