For Stacey and Darryn’s engagement/Getting To Know You shoot, we had the whole day planned out. Just an hour before I was supposed to meet them over in West Seattle, Stacey called to see if we could just shoot around while they did normal Saturday afternoon things: they love to cook and invite their friends over to share in their homecooked meals and great wine and yummy cheese. This is what they do every Saturday night- it’s a grand potluck of sorts. I had a great time with their fun friends and family that night as they brought me into their group and shared really funny stories and jokes- that MAY have been the longest engagement session I’ve ever done (I think I strolled on home at about 1 am?!).


We started by taking their super cute boxer on a walk (my mom has a boxer- they’re so much fun and have such funny quirky personalities!), then proceeded to open some of Darryn’s wine (he’s a winemaker) while he and Stacey made some yummy homemade pasta. Once their friends and family all arrived, we all just hung out and spent the evening drinking Dom, telling stories, reading the cute little love notes Darryn leaves for Stacey all over the house, and deep frying everything in site (pickles! Who woulda thunk it!).


Their wedding is just around the corner (next weekend!) at the Dome Room in the Arctic Club Hotel (LOVE that hotel! We had our Get Hitched, Give Hope bridal auction there last year!). Can’t wait to see the dress, Stacey, not to mention the funny funny favors you picked out! (I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone who doesn’t know yet, they TOTALLY speak to Stacey and Darryn’s fun loving attitude!)