One of my favorite moments from all of the weddings that I was blessed to shoot was when Holly’s dad gave his speech at her wedding.  He told of how Mike came to him to talk about asking Holly to marry him.  He was trying to explain to Holly’s dad how he felt about her.  “I love her more than a 2×4.”  That is a very strong statement coming from a real estate developer (because 2×4’s are especially important when building a home).  To Holly’s father, this statement was even more monumental since loooves 2×4’s too and he’s well known for attaching a 2×4 to just about everything and every car Holly had growing up- afterall, 2×4’s are good for all sorts of things.  The crowd roared with laughter.  It was a wonderful moment.  Holly and Mike (engagement session HERE) were married on a crisp November day in Seattle.  Here are some of my favorite shots from their beautiful, beautiful wedding.   

Dress: Lazzaro at Marcellas La Boutique (one of my favorite designers, gorgeous, love this dress! It is the most luscious silk!)
Photographer: Me! 
Ceremony: St. Ignatius Chapel
Reception: Lake Union Cafe 
Rings: EE Robins, Greenlake Jewelry Works
Flowers: Anne Bradfield of Floressence(just so you know, this woman works magic. The day after the wedding I stopped by Holly’s house (she’s my neighbor! and the bouquets were all there, perfect as they were the day before! So so fresh!)
DJ:  Joe Yamada (one of my favorite DJ’s who can also tickle the ivories!)  Cake: Madison Park Bakery