Polyesther’s nightclub in Queen Anne is looong gone, but Dana and Bryan are still going strong. They met while out with friends at this former hot spot (many others have tried to take it’s place, but no one can match the retro 70’s and and 80’s glow in the black light paint, huge smiley faces, and go go floor that made this club so unique!). They were married on quite the Seattle summer day at the Edmonds Plaza Room. The day started off with buckets of rain and gave way to gorgeous blue skies, fluffy white clouds, fresh summer flowers, and lots of friends and family. We could just feel the love and lots of laughter beaming from all of their friends and families- Dana’s aunt Mary coordinated the day, a great friend of theirs married them, another family friend baked their cake, the whole family catered the event (and oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a great spread!), their DJ was yet another friend, and when it was time to pour champage, even more friends crowded the champage table eager to help spread the bubbles!