On those long days of computer work, where I’m diligently editing thousands of images, I get a little lonely here in the office all by myself. It’s enough to drive anyone batty. So… I bought an “office fish.” He’ll be our studio mascot… only thing is that I haven’t thought of a good name yet. I always dreamed that if I bought a chubby yellow French Bulldog, he’d be called “Tater Tot,” and we all miss the beloved, freakishly huge, googly eyed, black goldfish, “Snowflake,” (he was a boy), and once I had a noisy beagle puppy with huge feet that we called “Elvis,” but I’m fresh outta witty names. So… here’s your challenge shall you choose to accept it: Name The Office Fish. Leave a comment below with any wacky funny names that you might name him if he was yours (and yes, this one is a boy too. He’s also a pretty blue-green.). Clients, family, loyal followers, visiting internet surfers, friends alike, if you come up with the winning name, I’ll buy you a latte (That’s sooo cliche Seattle, isn’t it? Or if you’re some loyal reader from Kentucky or the like, I’ll mail you a Starbucks giftcard!). Contest ends in one week. Or until we find a name.