This is probably your first wedding. Well, your first wedding like this anyway 😉 And you’re probably completely overwhelmed with your list of to-do’s. Not to worry… your photography is in great hands. If you think that the only time you’ll see “your photographer” is when you hire me and then again at your wedding, you’ve got another think comin! I like to think of my clients as an extended network of friends- we have candle parties, shoot again at other importrant times in their lives, and I’ve even picked up a hair dresser, real estate agent, personal trainer, and graphic designer along the way (to name a few!)! Here’s a basic timeline of what to expect, and when to expect your phone to start ringing!

8-12 months in advance: We’ll have our first consulation, work on our contract. This is going to be the beginning of a long relationship!!!

6 months in advance: We’ll start to think about and plan your engagement portrait session. This is a great time to have non-wedding pictures taken of the both of you in a different season than your wedding, before things get crazy!

3 months in advance: Shall we meet for drinks just for fun?

1 month in advance: If you’d like to have a framed and matted print for display or guestbook signing at your wedding, now would be a great time to choose the image. I also offer custom guest books! They’re hardbound, professionally printed books with an image on one side of the page, and space on the other for your guests to write little messages to you. There are even matching albums… check out the new coffee table books!

2 weeks in advance: We’ll have our final meeting, where we’ll go over your final timeline, must-have shots, and even scout your wedding location together . Now you can tell all of your family members when and where to meet us for their big moment as the stars of the photo shoot (this is also when your final balance is due, unless you’ve been making payments throughout).

The Big Day: We’ll be there early to “hurry up and wait” and meet all of your bridesmaids! Then let the festivities begin!!!

3-6 weeks after: (depending on what time of year your wedding is!) Your wedding gallery will go live and all of your guests will receive the email! We’ll also schedule a private viewing for you both to come in and see your proofs.

3 months after: Let’s meet for drinks!

6 weeks-11 months after: We’ll plan your album. This is completely on your schedule, whenever you’re ready! There’s usually a waiting list, so just remember that it takes 6-8 weeks to design and make your albums if you’d like to have reprints and albums by the holidays. Let’s start early!

6 months after: Shall we meet for drinks?

At your 1 year anniversary: Paper is the traditional gift for celebrating the first year anniversary. Surprise your honey with a gorgeous heirloom, fine-art Fiber or Giclee print, or if you’re just now getting around to it, come on over and look at the latest in wedding albums! (they’re made of paper, too!)

1-30 years after: You’ll be calling me as your family grows, as you have major life events, and whenever you move to stay in touch! Right?? And you thought this was all going to be over after your wedding day! Ha!

And of course, if it’s only three months till your wedding and you still haven’t picked up the phone to see if I’m available to capture it, I might still have a free day here and there!!