for really fun people

Hello and Welcome. We are a boutique photography company. We answer the phone at all odd hours, email entirely too much, and we-heart-text-messages. Since 2001 we’ve been striving to keep relationships personal, ideas fresh, and products timeless. We’ve got a passion for creating rockin’ portraits while capturing moments as they happen.

We are tickled to be named as one of the world’s best photographers by Junebug Weddings.

“Laurel McConnell’s distinctive, gorgeous photographs and delightful personality have made her one of the most popular wedding photographers around. Her joy for life and love for photography shines through in all of her work, from her emotionally connected portraits to her innovative photojournalistic images. Always ready with a big smile and a brilliant idea, she’s so easy to work with, you’ll be amazed at how many stunning photos she’s able to take while you’re just having fun.” Our work can often be seen in style-setting blogs such as Junebug Weddings and Style Me Pretty, and in the editorial pages of Seattle Bride and Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom magazines.

What are you, some sort of James-Bond-ish hurricane-wrangler?

Throughout the last 20 years, we‘ve photographed weddings in hurricanes and dust storms, on islands and in deserts, multi-day cultural events and 1.5 minute ceremonies on New Year’s Eve, and have documented love in America and not-America. While we love the local urban warehouse and classy winery weddings that Seattle has to offer, we love love love to travel the globe for destination weddings, whether they’re just to the San Juan Islands or all the way in Mexico. We’ve spearheaded major commercial advertising shoots that were seen worldwide and photographed some very private A-List VIPs (you know, that “if we told you we’d have to kill you” type of thing). We’ve learned photography from the basics up at art school on actual film, and have evolved alongside the digital industry, refining our craft as we go. Every shoot brings a fun challenge and uniqueness that we are ever thankful for.