Fancy Pants Archive Drive

In this hectic digital age of pixels and bytes prints and albums ARE the future. Your family and kids will pull them off the shelves decades from now to thumb through, admire, and probably laugh at (um, have you SEEN 80′s wedding photos?). We also believe that you should hold your digital archive for safe keeping and easy reference once we’ve made beautifully finished, professional prints and albums.

Archive drive from Laurel McConnell Photography.
Our Fancy Pants Archive Drive includes the entire archive of a photography session or wedding. inside you’ll find an image care sheet with backup tips, professional quality lab resources, and a “personal Image Release License” for unlimited personal reproduction.

Digital negative archive drive from Laurel McConnell Photography.

Rain Happens :: Seattle Wedding Photography

Rain. It happens. Those of us from the Pacific Northwest are pretty accustomed to marching right along with the ever changing weather we live in; a few light layers of clothing and a rain jacket and we’re good to go. After all the trade off of dealing with a little rain is the gorgeous green that is right outside our doors. And what better place for a wedding ceremony than amongst the trees and fields and lakes and harbors we’re lucky enough to have in our backyards? Sometimes rain clouds shows up uninvited to the party and worrying about whether or not they’re going to open up on your big day can cause heart palpitations for even the coolest couples. Here’s the secret though…rainy day wedding ceremonies are no tragedy! Take a deep breath, grab an umbrella (or twenty), and a little drizzle can make for some of the sweetest, snuggliest, most beautiful ceremony moments (and photos).


Maureen and Andrew’s wedding ceremony at Old Chaser Farm is a perfect example! How pretty do all those umbrellas look against the green of Vashon Island?

Rainy ceremony with umbrellas.
Rainy wedding day solutions.
Guests watch wedding under umbrellas.
Equally rad was Holly and John’s Roche Harbor wedding day. We loooooooove how the colors of the umbrellas make the colors of the flags in the harbor and the lilacs behind the couple pop.
Roche Harbor rainy wedding day.
Bride walks down aisle with umbrella.
Couple says vows under umbrellas.
Rainy day wedding ceremony.
Couple comes down the aisle under an umbrella.
Bride and groom exit ceremony under umbrella.

The key to a successful rainy day wedding ceremony is to be prepared. Having umbrellas on hand is always a good idea in our neck of the woods and Bella Umbrella has an unreal rental selection, so you don’t have to invest in a huge brelly collection.

A little insider trick of the trade, you know that little piece of fabric that wraps around the umbrella to snap it shut? Snap it together after you’ve opened your umbrella up and it won’t hang down where you can see it.

  • Angela Fulton via Facebook - You made my rainy day beautiful!!!! I’ll never forget my wedding day and it was pouring. Thank you!!!! XOXO

  • Cathleen Blackburn via Facebook - Love the pics! Gorgeous umbrellas! Way to take the unplanned and make it phenomenal! Like you always do.

Ready for Baby :: Seattle Maternity Photography

Fun balloon maternity photography Seattle.
Kirstin and Shane  prepared for their first bundle of joy’s arrival with a sunlit, love-filled maternity session in Seattle’s Kerry Park. Their excitement could not have been more palpable and it was such a joy to photograph them at such a special time. Multicolored balloons, an antique stroller, and baby books galore make for the ultimate in waiting for baby photo fun!


Baby announcement shoe portrait Seattle
Boat shoes for baby (and mom and dad too!)
Adorable maternity photography Seattle Kerry Park
Sweet black and white maternity photography Seattle
So super sweet.
Sweet maternity portrait photography Seattle Laurel McConnell
Offbeat maternity photography seattle
Love, love, love the silhouette of Kirstin’s baby bump and the colors of the balloons coming though!

I Shot a Worldwide Advertising Campaign For A Major Camera Company.

I can’t believe I can FINALLY spill the beans. I mean, it’s been a huge secret that I couldn’t post about, talk about, or even text about.  You know… it’s REALLY hard to keep something so exciting under wraps for 5 WHOLE MONTHS. There was a time this last fall where I pretty much dropped off the face of the planet. Not much Facebooking, ZERO blogging, and only coming up for air for my wedding and portrait clients who were already on the books. I was living, breathing, and shooting a worldwide marketing campaign for Nikon.

LOOK. That’s the front page.

nikon advertising photography


Last week at CES, Nikon introduced their latest consumer DSLR, the Nikon D3300, and a few new lenses (such as the 18-55mm and 18-140mm). Among only a couple of other photographers from around the world, I was asked to photograph (and even design some shots for) this commercial advertising campaign.

I must have visited 100 locations while scouting, my producer must have put together 100′s of outfits, and we saw 100 faces. We filled out 100′s of forms for releases, permits, and shot lists, and I can’t even count how many days I shot for 18 hours in a row. Among bright sun and the most torrential of downpours, I pushed myself  to the limits technically (the histograms on my images would make any gear head weep) and learned brand new camera systems, lenses, and flashes on the fly that weren’t even on the market yet (that means no instruction manuals, ha!). Yep, I shot with prototypes that had secret code names and were taped up and blacked out like ninja equipment should be. Super Top Secret Mission stuff. And it was super exciting.

I photographed the actual camera in use, a beautiful horse, countless adorable kiddos and babies, a witty lacrosse team, gorgeous brides and grooms, some beautiful flowers, sparkly jewelry, textured ribbons, poppy candy, a vintage carousel, a modern Ferris wheel, an iconic landmark, beloved Bella Umbrellas, a violin recital, a family in a row boat, a beautiful lake, historic buildings, and create a special effects video of a bustling city. Our locations were vast, sometimes shooting up to 5 sets in locations all over the city in one day. And it’s finished.

The designers are still putting together a few more stellar marketing pieces, but here are some screen grabs of JUST A FEW of the images I’ve found digging through the various Nikon sites from around the globe. No editing or cropping allowed- All images are shown straight out of camera to show the dynamic range, color, and clarity of untouched files, while demonstrating some pretty specific camera functionality. It’s a pretty stellar consumer camera, I’ve gotta say!!



And one more thing… this is really dorky but kinda fun.  I’m now a cartoon on the Nikon Japan website. That’s my hair, my outfit, and my favorite motorcycle boots. And that’s one of my REAL bride clients helping us to demonstrate some off camera AND bounce flash technique. I’m probably most excited about becoming a caricature.




Lastly, but definitely not leastly, I want to give a shout-out to my STELLAR crew: Producer Laura and her assistant Jillian, Photographer’s Assistant Tre, Makeup Artist Megan and her assistant Blanca. We never would have completed this project so efficiently had they not been on board working their buns off. Thank you ladies and gent!

If you’re interested in checking out the camera and lens, visit the Nikon USA website for the D3300 and the Nikkor 18-55 lens to read about the features. You can even download some of the my sample photos in their full resolution from the Asia websites! You’ll find TONS more images if you dig through the different continents’ websites, many of which I took (This is for you, models!! Keep lookin- you’re in there’!)

This was an honor and an experience I’ll never forget. I really hope I get to do it again sometime real soon. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

  • Laurel McConnell via Facebook - Hey look. It’s the face of Lily West and Michelle Odo ‘s sweet babe #idawest. And the adorbs little rugrat of Kristi Hunnex. And the vavavoom legs of Laura Marchbanks Boucock and Tre Dauenhauer. And the beautiful mugs of Bridget Marley Trevillian and Jillian Cook’s daughter! The makeup of Megan Bingham was pretty clutch. And even some props by Christopher Smith and Bella Umbrella!!!!! Thank you everyone for your time and talents!!! Let’s celebrate and pop some champagne!

  • Van Spires via Facebook - Fantastic!

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  • Teddi Yaeger via Facebook - And Ida to boot!

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  • Laurel McConnell via Facebook - woops, sorry lil and michelle- I hashtagged poor Ida wrong! It’s #idafrancis !!!! #getitrightorpaytheprice

  • Ilan Grosman via Facebook - Very cool. Congrats

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  • Kristi Hunnex via Facebook - Yes!!! I love it. Kyleschreiner Kristinafardig Schreiner…check this out!!

  • Lily West via Facebook - WAHOO!!!! Awesome job, dude! Super proud.

  • Kendall Lauren Shea Nielsen via Facebook - That is SO amazing! Congratulations :D

  • lily - Laurel as a cartoon is amazing!! I want a cartoon!!!!

  • Amber Burck via Facebook - Wow, Laurel – hugest of congrats!! So rad that you got to do that!! :)

  • Laura Marchbanks Boucock via Facebook - Errrrrr mah gawsh! And now I need a nap.

  • Jillian Cook via Facebook - Ahhh!!!! Sooooo cool! Happy to have been a part of this super cool experience!!

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  • Mindy Hamlin Rowser via Facebook - OMG Laurel McConnell Photography this is a fricken mazing! You are Amazing and should be so proud of your work! For most people this would be the highlight of their career – for YOU I know this is only a little part of your continued success!

  • Shana Stone Tinsley via Facebook - Congrats!!!

  • Nina Miller, Just Milled - What an honor to get to have this experience and be asked to work for Nikon. Good job Laurel! You are so talented at what you do and it shows. I love your little caricature – it totally looks just like you.

  • Bridget Marley Trevillian via Facebook - This is awesome!!!! I loooove that we are cartoons! I’m so glad I got to be a part of it :-) You rock!

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