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Superlovely Kerry Park Proposal :: Seattle Wedding Photography

Alyson thought she and her love Keshia were heading to Kerry Park for a little sunset picnic overlooking downtownRead more »

She Said Yes: A Surprise Birthday Party Turned Marriage Proposal at Famed West Seattle Hot Spot Salty’s

It’s been months in the making, and only Kevin and I knew. He was to ask Shirley to be his forever, all under theRead more »

Megan + Brandon Just Got Engaged at The Seattle Space Needle

It’s 4am and Brandon and Megan are on a flight from Ohio to Seattle. “Are you keeping something fromRead more »

An Iconic Moment: A Rainy Day Marriage Proposal at the Seattle Space Needle!

After a short conversation, I hang up the phone. There it is. Butterflies in my stomach and shakes in my hand- this isRead more »

A Marriage Proposal at Seattle’s Space Needle!

Two weeks ago, my email inbox pinged. It was Brandie, asking about wedding photography for their celebration at TheRead more »

A Very Seattle Proposal At Queen Anne's Kerry Park

They’re from Oregon. He lives in India. She lives in Seattle. They are high school sweethearts. They adore indieRead more »

A Romantic New Year's Eve Marriage Proposal at Seattle's Pikes Place Market

Boy did Joey have Lauren fooled. He had her convinced that he “wasn’t the marrying type.”  In fact,Read more »

Introducing Accordion Pocket Albums!

I have been looking for perfect pocket-sized brag books to add to my studio’s offerings for ages. Finally….Read more »

A Late Night Marriage Proposal in Tangletown

Last night at 7:00 at night, after a long day of moving boxes and furniture (Our new place has THREE floors. GoodRead more »

"Will You?" He says. "Yes!" She says. A Marriage Proposal In Seattle.

Today is November 6th, 2009. To most of us, it’s just another fall Friday (Insane winds, funnel clouds, andRead more »

Surprise Proposal, At a Wedding Nonetheless!

It’s taken Andy 6 years to realize it was time.  So when Darryn and Stacey were planning their wedding, theyRead more »

The Surprise Proposal: Andrea & Carlos

Here’s the story as Andrea thinks it is: she’s flying from New York, where she lives, to Seattle, whereRead more »

CONTEST: The Proposal

You know, I’ve been doing some thinking. We (photographers) love to capture the entire love story, from start toRead more »